The Critical Need

Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley has been serving the needs of the homeless in our area for more than a century. We offer shelter to 114 men, women and children nightly, and serve hundreds of meals weekly. Numbers increase during the winter months.

We’ve been in our present location on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Youngstown since 1972. However, the building is over 85 years old and can no longer adequately meet the needs of the people we serve:

  • Families as large as eight members must crowd into very small rooms.
  • Single men sleep in bunk beds in a large, barracks-style room.
  • There are no longer dedicated shower facilities for women. They must use the men’s showers, located on a different floor, and we must announce the presence of women on the floor when they go there.
  • Other plumbing facilities are failing and cannot be repaired.
  • Leaks have caused deterioration of walls and ceilings.
  • The building is not energy-efficient, and its many windows make heating it in winter very expensive.
  • There are no outdoor play areas for children.

The cost to make the necessary repairs and renovations for these and other deficiencies in our building is prohibitive and would represent a band-aid approach at best. And there are other areas that are simply beyond repair.

In addition, there is the simple matter of space. Our present facility has a total of 27,000 square feet. It is frequently overwhelmed with men, women and children in crisis who are in need of food, shelter and protection.

For these individuals and families, the Mission is their last resort. If we are to continue to serve them, we need a new facility.